I am a first year PhD student at Michael G. Foster School of Bussiness, University of Washington.

My current research focuses on the design and evaluation of IT-enabled interventions, which can be further divided into three lines. First of all, I am interested in how market designs that incorporate social norms or economic incentives intervene users’ decision-making process and further impact market efficiency. Secondly, I want to examine how users’ interaction with AI-based systems affect users’ behavior so that the amount or distribution of economic and social welfare is further influenced. The third is to instill psychological, social, and economic factors into algorithms, especially recommendation algorithms, for long term success. Methodologically, I leverage econometrics, randomized field experiments, and machine learning/deep learning to analyze data and infer causality.

Before my PhD career, I studied Information Management and Information Systems at School of Economics and Mangament, Tsinghua University.

“A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.” —— Herbert A. Simon