“You’re not your résumé.” - Charles M. C. Lee


I feel excited about what I am doing every day! In my spare time, I also enjoy coding (checking repositories with elegant codes), reading, trading, and watching TV series.

  • I am an enthusiastic coder. I use Fortran, Java, C(C++, C#), Python, Ruby, Julia, JavaScript, R, Stan, Stata, Bash, SPSS, SmartPLS, SQL… It’s amazing to observe that AI has the ability to handle some of my routine coding tasks.
  • I enjoy reading various genres, including philosophy, economics, biography, and sci-fi. Someday, I hope to write books that appeal to both academic and general readers. My favorite book is The Three-body Problem!
  • I’m an active trader. The financial market mirrors not only the mathematical elegance inherent in its design but also the complexities of human nature through market fluctuations. By the way, within the second chapter of A Practical Guide To Quantitative Finance Interviews, you’ll find an array of intriguing brain teasers to engage with.
  • I’m also an explorer of loyalty programs related to credit cards, hotels, and airlines. My interest lies in crafting consumer strategies (e.g., maximize signup bonus by optimizing the credit cards’ application sequence), as this endeavor necessitates comprehending the intermediaries’ competitions and the revenue-sharing structures before implementing forward-looking optimization (forums in Chinese or English).
  • I am especially interested in TV series related to finance (Billions), science (The Big Bang Theory), technology (Silicon Valley), politics (Yes, Minister), and healthcare (Dopesick).


I’m a runner and a retired taekwondo athlete.

  • My Personal Best (PB) in 100m is 11.2s.
  • I won a silver medal (taekwondo: 53kg male) in a city-level professional sports meet (one step away from Zhejiang Sports Team).
  • I also finished a Road Cycling around Qinghai Lake (360 kilometers) in four days.