“You’re not your résumé.” - (I heard this sentence from Charles M. C. Lee)


I feel excited about what I am doing every day! In my spare time, I also enjoy coding (checking repositories with elegant codes), reading, trading, and watching TV series.

  • I am an enthusiastic coder. I use Fortran, Java, C(C++, C#), Python, Ruby, Julia, JavaScript, R, Stan, Stata, Bash, SPSS, SmartPLS, SQL… It’s amazing to observe that AI has the ability to handle some of my routine coding tasks.
  • I love reading. I hope one day I can also write a popular science book like Poor Economics, Nudge, Freakonomics, Who Gets What–and why, Thinking, Fast and Slow…… My favorite book is The Three-body problem!
  • Trading captivates me as a reflection of human nature through market fluctuations.
  • I am especially interested in TV series related to finance (Billions), science (The Big Bang Theory), technology (Silicon Valley), politics (Yes, Minister), and healthcare (Dopesick).


I’m a runner and a retired taekwondo athlete.

  • My Personal Best (PB) in 100m is 11.2s.
  • I won a silver medal (taekwondo: 53kg male) in a city-level professional sports meet (one step away from Zhejiang Sports Team).
  • I also finished a Road Cycling around Qinghai Lake (360 kilometers) in four days.