In my spare time, I enjoy coding, reading, and watching TV series.

  • I am an enthusiastic coder. I use Fortran, Java, C(C++, C#), Python, Ruby, Julia, R, Stata, JavaScript, SPSS, SmartPLS, SQL… (Some tastes: tab > spaces; Vim > Emacs; Torch > TensorFlow)
  • I have a special interest in popular science books, such as Poor Economics, Nudge, Freakonomics, Who Gets What–and why, Thinking, Fast and Slow……
  • I am especially interested in TV series related to Finance (Billions), Science (The Big Bang Theory), Technology (Silicon Valley), and Politics (Yes, Minister).

If you find any interesting coding projects, books, or TV series, please contact me!


I’m a runner and a retired taekwondo athlete.

  • My Personal Best (PB) in 100m is 11.2s.
  • I won a silver medal (taekwondo: 53kg male) in a city-level professional sports meet (one step away from Zhejiang Sports Team).
  • I also finished a Road Cycling around Qinghai Lake (360 kilometers) in four days.